Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Finals week

It's that most terrifying time of year again. Finals week officially begins Friday, however all of mine are next week. So I'm super stressed worrying about doing well so I can pass all my classes and keep my graduation date December 13th. I'm trying to not drown my worries in Dr. Pepper and junk food. So my plan is to keep healthy options around when the study munchies strike, and avoid Dunkin' Donuts when on campus.
Even though high stress times are bad times to start new things I'm going to start Tiffany's SummerFit Challenge over at TheGraciousPantry.  It starts tomorrow and the first part is to move, cut the junk, hydrate, cut the sugar, and get more nutrients. Super easy common sense type stuff. I was trying a stricter personal challenge, but I'm unable to keep it up at the moment.
    Also, from what I've learned in my advanced metabolism class, women should do exercise for 20 minutes or more (probably more) for fatty acid catabolism. We also use more fat for energy in endurance activities.  So to me this explains why men can do just a little and lose weight/excess fat and women seem to have to do more. While we use more fat for energy, we have to do more to lose it.  I was joking with my sister we need the endurance, we have to work/school all day, take care of kids and keep care of the house in the evening. Plus cook dinner when we get home and make sure homework is done, laundry done, kids are ready for school. Our days start early and end late. This extra fluff is what keeps us going ;)
  Anyway, I'm off to take an O. Chem quiz and prepare some notes for metabolism and exercise physiology and medical nutrition therapy. A definitely long day for me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Where Has the Time Gone !?

Sorry dear readers, that I have not posted in a long while. I am around, but very busy with my class schedule, kid schedule and work schedule. I will update more often soon. Promise. I have not lost weight or worked out much in the past couple months as everything is just so Topsy-turvy around here. I have been trying to eat healthy and even bought a Mrs. Bento, like the one in this linkZojirushi Classic Bento Insulated Lunch Jar (Google Affiliate Ad), so that I am not tempted to buy the junk sold at work. Small steps equal big advances, eventually. I hope you all had a fabulous Easter and it looks like Spring has finally shown around here so that means getting out in the gardens. Take care dear readers and have a wonderful week.