Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013

    In just under 14 hours we welcome in a whole new year. Now everyone is thinking over their plans for 2013. Deciding on whether or not to make resolutions and what resolutions they will make and break this coming year.

    Last year I didn't make any resolutions.  I just kind of winged it all year. Which didn't work all that well for me. I think because I didn't start out with a goal or two that I had more trouble then usual in keeping them.  I have a plan for this year, because 2013 should be a great year.

   In honor of , hopefully, earning my bachelor's degree this year (I'm hoping for a December 2013 graduation) this year will be dubbed a year of finishing. My resolution this year is to finish everything I start. All my little hobby projects I've started, my weightloss/health projects, my household projects. I'm good at starting, just not finishing. So here's to finishing.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Well, the nurse practitioner I saw yesterday thinks it may be the lovely fellow H. Pylori causing my stomach pains.  I have to agree since I do have most of the symptoms. I'll know more sometime today when my lab results come in.
    Hubby mentioned that it's ironic that the one of us that actively tries to be healthy is the one of us that gets ill the most. Ha ha huh. Well, one of these days my body will get it right and I'll hardly be sick, right?

    I'm trying to start Hip Hop Abs (a Christmas present for myself) and today I thought I could do it. I made it through 16 minutes of the first dvd before having to stop.  My body was telling me to slow down I guess. That and my tummy is still feeling uncomfortable.  I'll get into a schedule soon, I'm sure.

   Well I guess I've got to go and get things done. I'm planning on chili and cornbread for dinner. I'm going to add some ground flaxseed to the cornbread to make it a bit healthier. The chili is being made with lean beef and beans and tomatoes. Our chili is fairly healthy and will be oh so yummy on this very brisk December day.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Still Hanging in there, sort of

    I'm trying to eat right, however exercise is put on hold for a few days. I've been having this incredible cramping pain in the epigastric region of my abdomen yesterday and today. Well actually I've had it a few times the past couple of weeks but it went away and so I ignored it. Yesterday it was horrible and debilitating. Today it's not as bad. Still hurts but not as often and the pain is a bit duller.  Hubby keeps mentioning taking me to a doctor, however I keep putting him off. I say as long as I don't turn yellow or start running a fever I'll be fine for a while. We haven't got the funds for a doctor visit and it's Christmas coming up very quickly and I don't want to worry about test results or anything till after the new year.

    I will go if the pain gets worse, or if I start changing colors or running a fever. I can handle a little (
okay a lot) of pain for a few days.  From what I could figure, it could be one of three things and I don't want to deal with them at this moment so I'm going to act like a man and ignore them. 

   So some exercise is out because lots of movement hurts. The most I've done since Tuesday afternoon is walk the big boy dog, Dude. He pulls on the leash quite bad and this causes me to tighten my stomach to keep him in line, which causes unpleasentness. However it's something since I walk him a minimum of two times a day.

    Well, I'll try to update at least once over the weekend. I hope everyone is having a great day.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Time to Begin Again

Now that I've finished another semester of college I can relax and work on getting my diet and fitness straight again before the next semester begins. I have one month to try and set up a plan. So I bought a new tool in order to do so.

It is an exercise tracker from Gold's Gym. It gives helpful hints to start on a healthy lifestyle. Has charts for food calories and calories burned from activites. There are 8 weeks of pages to plan and write down what you ate, and what you did activity wise. There are also some workouts listed using equipment most people have at home.  It's spiral bound in a hard cover and is a size that would fit nicely in my purse and/or gym bag. So I think it's worth what I paid, or I hope so.  I plan on starting tomorrow working on new goals.

One of my goals is to eat more vegetables.  So I'm going to try and eat a lacto-ovovegetarian type of diet for breakfast and lunch and snacks and eat like an omnivore for dinner.  I'm working out my meal plans in order to accomplish this. Because if I don't plan I'll eat whatever and whatever isn't always good.

I'm learning so much in my classes and need to start applying this knowledge to my daily life in order to be able to teach my future patients without looking like a hippocrite.

So here's to new beginnings and tomorrow always being a new day.