Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012, Hello 2013

    In just under 14 hours we welcome in a whole new year. Now everyone is thinking over their plans for 2013. Deciding on whether or not to make resolutions and what resolutions they will make and break this coming year.

    Last year I didn't make any resolutions.  I just kind of winged it all year. Which didn't work all that well for me. I think because I didn't start out with a goal or two that I had more trouble then usual in keeping them.  I have a plan for this year, because 2013 should be a great year.

   In honor of , hopefully, earning my bachelor's degree this year (I'm hoping for a December 2013 graduation) this year will be dubbed a year of finishing. My resolution this year is to finish everything I start. All my little hobby projects I've started, my weightloss/health projects, my household projects. I'm good at starting, just not finishing. So here's to finishing.