Friday, September 28, 2012

Days 3 & 4

Well Wednesday kind of went to crap and I didn't log what I ate after breakfast. I would update it but honestly I can't remember.  By Thursday morning I was so stressed out about a class and trying to complete all the assignments for it, well my eating Thursday was not so good

1 ho-ho
16 oz of coffee
for a total of 380 calories

I had one of those little energy shot drinks around 11 am and then another about 6pm and called that lunch.
for a total of 6 calories

Hubby made a dish with mac & cheese, corn and tomatoes and ground beef. It wasn't too bad.
I guessed at the calories because I don't know the exact amounts he put in there
calories ~309

One hour of weightlifting in class
calories -433

So I came in 984 calories under budget yesterday. I don't mind coming in around 1-200 calories under. However, more than that and I'm not feeding myself what I need to give my body the energy it needs to work. If my body doesn't have the energy it needs it won't lose the weight.  Well, it may but I may end up giving up hard earned muscle rather than the fat I want to be rid of. Got to eat well to lose fat, I know I need to practice what I preach huh.

I also lost that pound I gained, knew it was just water weight. I also lost another 1% of body fat according to my scale. So the pounds aren't coming down but I'm losing fat. I'll take it, because this means I'm gaining muscle and that's much more important.

I have to work today and so lunch will be early, I'm thinking a can of Progressive soup (I got a free can in the mail the other day). High sodium, but everything else is okay. I also have a piece of spelt bread I baked in class the other day that I'm going to bring to work for a snack at break time. It smells so yummy with it's nutmeg, cinnamon and allspice spices. Breakfast today was a great scrambled egg dish with 1 lg egg, bell pepper, some onion and a jalapeno. Yum.

Have a great day dear readers. I may not update again until Monday as I have to study for an O. Chem test and spend some time with Hubby and the kiddies this weekend.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week 1 days 1 and 2

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I'm crazy busy with classes this week as one professor has decided to make 7 things due all in one week. Of course none of us have any idea on how to do what she wants because she's not explaining herself at all. Her answer is always "check the syllabus." Which is a non-answer.

Anyways, I've been keeping track of my food and exercise and here's how Monday looked:
16 oz coffee
English muffin with egg and a slice of cheese
total of 309 calories
Sandwich with white bread, 2 oz of smoked ham, 1/2 of a small onion and 1 small bell pepper
and a tsp of spicy mustard.
total of 277 calories
KFC chicken breast
1/2 cup of mashed potatoes and gravy
1/2 cup of coleslaw
8 steak cut fries
1 biscuit
3 fried chicken liver
total of 928 calories
Owdalla sesame seed bar
hostess cupcake
total of 366 calories

running 19 minutes, very slow -164calories
standing at work for 6 hours -517 calories
stretches for 20 minutes - 37 calories

Okay so dinner on Monday totally sucked. It was junky fast food. I had worked all day and so had Hubby and his dad(who is staying with us now) and so they offered to go and grab something for dinner. I also need to work on my sweet tooth. I've read where taking a bite of coconut oil may help, I think I'll try that when I am craving sweets.  According to I still managed to come in 78 calories under budget. Not great but I'll take it.

And now for Tuesday:

Ho ho
16 oz coffee
3/4 cup of fruit loops
1/2 cup of 2% milk
for a total of 557 calories
approx 2 cup Caesar salad with no dressing
1/2 L of water
a total of 120 calories
2 cups of homemade spaghetti
a total of 300 calories
Lg iced coffee with cream and sugar from Dunkin Donuts
total of about 220 calories

weightlifting 1 hr -431 calories
walking 25 minutes -108 calories

I definitely did not eat the breakfast of champions yesterday. I was in a  mood and didn't feel like cooking anything. I came in 612 calories under budget yesterday. A funny thing is I'm a pound heavier this morning, but my fat percentage is a little over 1% less then it was last time I weighed (a couple days ago).  It's coming upon that time of month, so I know I'm retaining water. That and my weightlifting class probably account for the changes.  I'm ready to see some positive changes though. I've been about the same size (give or take 10lbs) for the past 5 years. I have lots of fixing to do diet wise and I'll get there one day at a time.  Today has already started out better, yummy oatmeal for breakfast.  Also going to go to a Zumba class today so another 500+ calories will be burned at least.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pre-Week 1

So tomorrow starts week 1 of my 8 week plan. Well, I've not had a chance to plan much out. I do have lots of ideas swimming around in my head.  One is to keep a food diary and share on here. I'm going to find my nutrients and such and critique how I did for that day.  I will then use my findings to do better the next day.
I'm also going to be writing what activity I did, because a lot of weight loss is calorie in versus calorie out.

I also have a goal of 3L of water per day.  This really isn't that hard for me as long as I use my favorite 32 oz  cup.  I have to work tomorrow, which means lots of talking and standing for six hours. Talking makes me thirsty so it will be simple to drink 1L during this time. I'm also going to work out in the morning with a 3mile run and some weights at the church gym. I should get about a liter of water then as well. My third liter will be consumed during the time I get home till I go to bed. As busy as I'll be I may be able to get a full gallon of water drank. As long as I don't drink soda.

So this is what I've got so for Monday. I'll let everyone know either Monday night or Tuesday morning how well I did.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


So, I signed up for a Klutchbox from the KLUTCHclub. I was so excited to get my first box, going by great reviews I've read and seen from other bloggers.  When I saw it had arrived yesterday in it's cute little black and gray box ( a very sturdy box btw, it will be great for wrapping Christmas presents in later) I was grinning ear to ear. I love getting stuff in the mail.  I opened it to see what booty I've scored. Here's what was in it :(sorry for no pictures but if you google you can find some soon I'm sure and on their facebook page is what comes in it this month).

A $50.00 gift card for iTrain
Unfortunately my code isn't working today for some reason.  I've emailed Klutchclub to see what's up with that. I can't wait to try it, the website looks neat and I could use the downloadable workout programs, music, and etc.

A $50.00 credit toward health and wellness services on
I'm not sure I'll use this one or not.  I may gift it to someone who might, or maybe set my Hubby up with a massage or a chiropractic appointment for his birthday. He's always getting sore muscles and back pains with the work he does.  Sometimes he's unable to lift his arms up over his head.

A container (it says 3 oz, but feels heavier to me) of Natural Calm anti-stress drink from Natural Vitality.
This has 325 mg of Magnesium per serving. Reading the directions I see "When bowels are comfortably loose, this is the optimal amount." Hmm, not sure about having loose bowels. I don't really have a problem in the area. Maybe that's just a case of bad wording?

2 packets of Eboost.
According to the packet this is a  proprietary formula of vitmans, minerals and super-nutrients to deliver a boost of energy and immunity. It says it contains no sugar and reading the label the sweetener I see is stevia leaf extract.  I hope this does as it claims, and it doesn't taste too bad. I could use boosts of energy and immunity.

A Cd called The Celtic Lounge II from Sequoia Records
This is great because I love celtic music for relaxing. The case says the cd also contains music video, so that's great too. I think I'll pop this in today while I'm studying for tests and doing homework later.

 4 tea samples from Taylors of Harrogate
 There is greent tea with lemon, organic chamomile, green tea with jasmine, and organic peppermint. I love drinking hot tea, especially since today is the first day of Fall and this past week the mornings have been getting quit cool. A horrible reminder that cold weather is around the corner.  My kiddies saw the tea and were already asking for it. I may have to make me a secret stash. They like hot tea as well.

A 2.5 oz shot of Dream Water
This says to drink about 30 minutes before time to relax and support a restful sleep. Especially during the semester I do have trouble falling asleep. It's like I can't get my brain to turn off and keep thinking about whatever. I sometimes take melatonin for this and this Dream Water has melatonin in its ingredient list. I'll try it in a couple days and see how it works.

Whole Food Bar from EcoTrek Fitness
This says it's gluten-free, has 6 servings of Fruit and Veggies, non dairy and has 10g of protein. It's the chocolate peant butter flavor. My kiddies were wanting to grab this out of the box as well. I don't have high hopes for this as most food/meal bars have a chalky taste to me. It's more noticeable in the ones with extra protein.  This ingredient list looks OK, I'm not fond of the added soy and brown rice syrup.

1 oz tube of Creamo Shave Cream
This says it's a highly concentrated 15+ day supply.  Apparently it only uses an almond sized amount when shaving. This will be neat to try, as I hate shaving and have to do it often or look like Big Foot's long lost sister. 

Anatomy Naturals revitalizing mud mask
There's no directions or anything on the label for this.  The mask smells minty and looks like it may be enough for one try.

Lauren Brooke Cometiques botanical lip gloss in winterberry
I like the color of this lip gloss and it came in a pretty little mesh bag with a 15% off your next order coupon. I went and checked their website and I don't find their prices to be too awfully bad for quality makeup.

Zenify stress relief drink
Okay so I opened this one up and tried it last night. My middle son took a taste of it and described it well. He said it was a fruity fizzy drink. I didn't care for it much and not sure it did anything for me. I was already tired but feeling a bit stressed out trying to figure out how a certain professor wanted a lab report done. I probably won't be buying this product in the future.

So there is my opinion on my first Klutchclub box. Overall I'm pleased and will continue to subscribe for the next few months (at least) to see if they continue to do well. I'm sure they will. Do any of my dear readers do subscripton boxes? I think it's an awesome way to try products I wouldn't want to spend a lot of money to try firt. I hope that last sentence made sense, it did in my head.

Have a great weekend and first day of Fall dear readers.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

8 Weeks

In about 8 weeks I'll be heading into my mid 30s. I don't mind the age so much as I do the shape I'm in. So I'm going to try (again) to fix my diet and just continue to exercise like I am. I'm a dietetic student, I know what I should be eating and how I should be eating and what I don't know I'm learning in class.  I do not want to be an overweight dietitian.

So sometime in the next few days I'm going to work on an 8 week plan to get myself straight. One thing on the plan will be to try and not have Hubby do all the grocery shopping. The amount of junk food going through my house right now is ridiculous. Another major thing on the plan will be to plan and make some meals ahead.

Right now, though, I'm planning on going and getting a good nights sleep.  Sleep tight dear readers.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clean-ing and Jerk-ing

Isn't wonderful when you attempt an exercise or a weight that you've never done before and you're successful doing it?
One of my classes this semester is a resistance training course. In this course we're learning all sorts of weight lifting techniques. So far it's been the push/pull, the jerk, front and back squats. Today we did the clean & jerk. I love this exercise, it makes you feel strong when you do it right. I decided to use the 45lb bar when it was my turn instead of the little 15lb one. Mainly because the 15lb bar makes me feel like I'm lifting nothing and I know if I want to get the technique right I need to feel it.  The other two ladies in the group with me (our class split into groups of 3 to work out) used the 15 pounder.

Anyway, I was able to get the bar up through the clean and do a split jerk with it. I need to work on the move because it just doesn't feel natural yet to me. I did it though. I was able to get 2-5 reps with each set before I had to stop due to my form giving way.

Well I'm off to fix dinner and get to doing homework. Have to get ready for O Chem lab tomorrow, fun stuff. Actually the lab usually is, lecture not always so much. I'm doing a zumba class before lab and going to the gym first thing to get in some weight training.   If I can discipline myself enough to correct my bad eating habits I will be looking f.i.n.e. fine by my birthday in November.

Have a great day dear readers.