Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in

Weight; 175lbs-down 1 lb
chest: down 0.2 inches
biceps: up 0.3 inches
hips: down 0.5 inches
waist: no change
thighs: up 0.4 inches
calves: up 0.2 inches
arms: up 0.1 inches
shoulders: down 0.4 inches
neck: down 0.4 inches

Total inches lost of: 0.5 inches.

You know I really liked these numbers till I posted them on my dashboard and realized some of them weren't so great.  I'm taking them with a grain of salt though. My pants are fitting much better, I look more tone(or at least I think so). I also see my usual trend of losing in my upper body first. Oh the joys of being a pear-shaped woman.  The fat in my lower half just refuses to give much.
Overall I feel I'm getting there.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Weigh-in

I may have to start calling this weekly weigh-in as I'm having trouble getting it in on Wednesdays.  I'm not going to post my stats today as I didn't have time this morning to do them.  So tomorrow I'll post this weeks stats and may be moving my weigh-in day to either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday...because those are the days I have more time in the morning.  Probably either Tuesdays or Thursdays because I want to keep the days fairly close together.  Well good night sweet folks and I'll post more tomorrow.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Motivation and Staying on Track

    This is the hardest part for me when I'm trying to be healthier and live a healthy lifestyle.  I do pretty good for a month or so then something comes up.  I miss a couple days at the gym.  Then a couple more.  Before I know it, it has been a month and I've not done anything more then walking from my car to class(well that is about a mile on some days).
    I also notice that if I don't go to the gym my diet starts taking a turn for the worse as well.  One cookie won't hurt, wow did I just eat 3.  That Dr. Pepper sounds pretty good right now...probably shouldn't of drank that 4th can.  There's a big snowball affect when it comes to me and staying on track.  I give myself a little room on one thing, I end up screwing up everything.
    In order to combat this, kind of a preemptive strike against total laziness/screw up-ness. I have signed up for a program at the college called "Tigers Feel Great."  Once a week(Thursdays is the session I signed up for), a group of students meet to get educated on nutrition, exercise and being healthier.  We discuss our goals for being healthier and whether or not we've met those goals.  We also work out as a group.
     Yesterday was the first session and they took a few of our measurements.  Well my weight read higher then what it does at home.  I expected this since we were weighing in at 3pm, at home I weigh in the morning, and you have to count for the difference in scales.  My BMI was a scary 28.  I try not to pay too much attention to this because BMI is just weight and height and does not take into count muscle mass.  However 28 is a very scary number since obese for someone who is my height is 30.  I know I'm not obese, however I am very overweight.  I think my BMI is screwy anyway due to time spent running, lifting weights and building muscle.
My body fat percentage was 36.7%.  Healthy for women my age is 21 to 33%. Overweight is 33-39%. Obese is over 39%.  So yea, I am in the overweight category.  I'm working on it.  My blood pressure was normal so that's good.
      I'm going to use this class as a tool to keep the momentum going.  I'm a pretty competitive person and though there's no prize for whoever does the best after 10 weeks. I still want to be the one who does the best.  The group is pretty mixed, there are people who are younger, older, bigger, smaller.  There is 9 women and 1 man in our group.  I hope we all take something from the class (especially this young woman who I saw weighed in at 247 pounds...she's maybe 5'2").  So here's to hopefully a good tool to keep everyone motivated and on track.

Weighing in

I know it's been a couple weeks since my last weigh-in and it' s Friday not Wednesday.  My class schedule is super crazy and I'm starting to feel just a tiny bit overwhelmed at times.  I don't feel out of control with everything yet, but I do feel that if I don't try harder to stay ahead I'm going to fall behind very quickly.  I think I'm going to have to make a daily schedule out and set everything to times. At least Monday through Friday.  I really want my weekends to be for relaxing and family not school.  As much as possible anyway.
So here's this weeks measurements. I did take these on Wednesday, I'm just now getting time to post them.

Weight: 176 - down 1lb since my last weigh-in, yay. Down 4lbs since June, super yay.
Chest: - down 0.2 inches
Biceps: down 0.4 inches
Hips: no change
Waist: no change
Thighs: down 0.5 inches
Calves: up 0.1 inches
Forearms: down 0.2 inches
Shoulders: down 0.7 inches
Neck: down 0.6 inches

For a grand total of 2.5 inches lost since August 31.  Not bad since it is that t.o.m. and I've been dragging butt with my workouts.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Weigh-in This Week

I didn't take any measurements, but the weight is still the same.  I've decided to try Pauline Nordine's Fighter Diet.  It's high on the veggies, low on grains and on the upper level of protein. Though if you don't log your meals you don't really realize how much protein you're getting.  You definitely don't get hungry. My opinion so far (it's only been 3 days) is that if you get the newbie pack, follow the first week to get the idea. Then either look at the recommended foods to mix it up a bit, or buy one of the other ebooks for more ideas.  Like any diet if you don't play with it, it gets boring.  It's mostly foods that are good for your body, but you may have to adapt to the tastes.  Surprisingly noodles, cabbage and salmon don't taste too bad together.
I'm not hungry, the only cravings I've been having is for iced coffee and feel okay.  I know when I cut back on my simple carbs I do feel better, so that may be it.  Less sugar and white flours equal a happier, more energetic Jackie.
At the gym yesterday I surprised myself.  I was on the leg press and was going to do 70lbs. Nope that was just way too easy.  Maybe 80, 90...nope still too easy.  I did 3 sets of 20 reps at 110lbs.  I could of done more but my legs were just slightly shaky and I'm looking for muscle build not injury so I figured that was good enough.  I did 90lbs on the adductor machine and 100 on the abductor. I also did 50lbs on leg curl and leg extension, 55lbs on the glute machine and 70lbs on the calf extension machine thingy.  I'm so much stronger on my lower body then I am on my upper.  I do good to do 30lbs on the shoulder press, some days 20lbs is all I can handle.
I'll get there I just got to keep pressing on. Now I'm off to make my tuna dish for lunch and finish a pre-lab report for Chemistry.