Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Weigh-in This Week

I didn't take any measurements, but the weight is still the same.  I've decided to try Pauline Nordine's Fighter Diet.  It's high on the veggies, low on grains and on the upper level of protein. Though if you don't log your meals you don't really realize how much protein you're getting.  You definitely don't get hungry. My opinion so far (it's only been 3 days) is that if you get the newbie pack, follow the first week to get the idea. Then either look at the recommended foods to mix it up a bit, or buy one of the other ebooks for more ideas.  Like any diet if you don't play with it, it gets boring.  It's mostly foods that are good for your body, but you may have to adapt to the tastes.  Surprisingly noodles, cabbage and salmon don't taste too bad together.
I'm not hungry, the only cravings I've been having is for iced coffee and feel okay.  I know when I cut back on my simple carbs I do feel better, so that may be it.  Less sugar and white flours equal a happier, more energetic Jackie.
At the gym yesterday I surprised myself.  I was on the leg press and was going to do 70lbs. Nope that was just way too easy.  Maybe 80, 90...nope still too easy.  I did 3 sets of 20 reps at 110lbs.  I could of done more but my legs were just slightly shaky and I'm looking for muscle build not injury so I figured that was good enough.  I did 90lbs on the adductor machine and 100 on the abductor. I also did 50lbs on leg curl and leg extension, 55lbs on the glute machine and 70lbs on the calf extension machine thingy.  I'm so much stronger on my lower body then I am on my upper.  I do good to do 30lbs on the shoulder press, some days 20lbs is all I can handle.
I'll get there I just got to keep pressing on. Now I'm off to make my tuna dish for lunch and finish a pre-lab report for Chemistry.