Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

Back to school and I've been feeling great and the numbers are looking better. Here they are:

Weight: 177, down 2lb (I didn't post a weigh-in wednesday last week, but I was at 179 then)
Neck: down 0.5 inches
Shoulders: down 1.2 inches
Chest: up 0.4 inches
Biceps: down 0.1 inches
Arms: down 0.1 inches
Waist: down 0.7 inches
Hips: down 0.9 inches
Thighs: down 0.5 inches
Calves: down 0.2 inches

for a total of: 3.8 inches lost. I guess all I needed was to go back to class and hit the gym. All that walking between classes must be paying off. I've been eating better as well.