Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weigh-in Wednesday

Well today's measurements kinda suck. I have a lot more ups then downs, but I'm confident that'll change soon. My energy levels have been dragging so bad, I'm worried about the race coming up. I've been kinda taking it easy this week. Partly due to the upcoming race and not wanting to run with sore legs and partly because I feel so sleepy most of the time. I'm thinking it's a diet thing and I really need to straighten mine out. It's like I'm trying to run a Lamborghini on regular unleaded and I need to be running on super.
So here's the damage:
Weight: 178 (woot, down a pound)
Neck: Up 0. 7"
Shoulders: up 1.7"
Chest: no change
Biceps: down 0.1"
Arms: up 0.1"
Waist: up 0.3"
Hips: up 0.1"
Thighs: up 0.2"
Calves: down 0.2"

For a total loss in inches of: -2.8.
So some how I've gained nearly 3 inches? Something's not quite right with that number. It is once again that t.o.m. and so some of that (probably most) can be bloat. Not eating as well as I could (too much white sugar, processed foods) is a lot of it too. I think it's odd that I can lose a pound but gain inches. Looking forward to what the next week brings.