Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day 1 of Fall Semester Went Well

I got up packed my healthy lunch and dinner of salmon lettuce wraps (I'll post the recipe next, they were pretty good), grapes and water. I got the kids on the bus. Set up the crockpot with a beef roast, potatoes, carrots and celery for the fam's dinner and took myself off to school.
Between my first and second class I have about 3 hours of spare time. I ate my lunch and talked to Hubby during his lunch and then went to the gym.
My workout consisted of the adductor machine, leg press, leg curls, glute press, and torso twist machine. I totally surprised myself with the adductor machine. Last May I was doing maybe 40lbs. Yesterday 40lbs was way too light, 50lbs still too light, 60 barely noticed. At 75lbs I finally felt some resistance. I was like WOW, I can squeeze 75lbs and I'm barely noticing it. I could probably do 80-85 easy, but wanted to take it easy and work up to heavier weights. Apparently my running over the summer has strengthened my thighs up considerably.
I also had to keep increasing weight on the leg press, stopping at 65lbs, could of gone higher easily. I stopped at 50lbs on the leg curls and did 70lbs with the glute press (which was also a big increase). The torso twist was a measly 55lbs, I'm sure I could do more here too. I just wanted to start easy since I haven't used weight machines in about 3 months. I've done dumbbells/free weights/resistance bands at home, but those aren't quite the same movements.
I also jumped on the treadmill and did a 5 minute warm-up, 20 minutes of intervals with 3 minutes running/2 minutes walking, then a 5 minute cool-down. This all plus walking about a mile and a half to two miles around campus going class to class.
Today's workout will be upper body, like I posted yesterday. I don't have a plan to say, it's easier to just do whatever machine is available and right down what and how much I did. They have some new equipment in the gym that I plan on giving a try. I'll also do 30 minutes on the elliptical, probably intervals similar to yesterdays treadmill workout.
My lunch and dinner today will be salads with a creamy dressing (miracle whip, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper and garlic), salmon, nuts and seeds. I also have some grapes and of course water with it. Breakfast wasn't too healthy but not too unhealthy either. I had a banana, coffee and two very small sausage biscuits (the kind you pull out of the freezer and throw in the microwave).