Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in

Weight; 175lbs-down 1 lb
chest: down 0.2 inches
biceps: up 0.3 inches
hips: down 0.5 inches
waist: no change
thighs: up 0.4 inches
calves: up 0.2 inches
arms: up 0.1 inches
shoulders: down 0.4 inches
neck: down 0.4 inches

Total inches lost of: 0.5 inches.

You know I really liked these numbers till I posted them on my dashboard and realized some of them weren't so great.  I'm taking them with a grain of salt though. My pants are fitting much better, I look more tone(or at least I think so). I also see my usual trend of losing in my upper body first. Oh the joys of being a pear-shaped woman.  The fat in my lower half just refuses to give much.
Overall I feel I'm getting there.