Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Clean-ing and Jerk-ing

Isn't wonderful when you attempt an exercise or a weight that you've never done before and you're successful doing it?
One of my classes this semester is a resistance training course. In this course we're learning all sorts of weight lifting techniques. So far it's been the push/pull, the jerk, front and back squats. Today we did the clean & jerk. I love this exercise, it makes you feel strong when you do it right. I decided to use the 45lb bar when it was my turn instead of the little 15lb one. Mainly because the 15lb bar makes me feel like I'm lifting nothing and I know if I want to get the technique right I need to feel it.  The other two ladies in the group with me (our class split into groups of 3 to work out) used the 15 pounder.

Anyway, I was able to get the bar up through the clean and do a split jerk with it. I need to work on the move because it just doesn't feel natural yet to me. I did it though. I was able to get 2-5 reps with each set before I had to stop due to my form giving way.

Well I'm off to fix dinner and get to doing homework. Have to get ready for O Chem lab tomorrow, fun stuff. Actually the lab usually is, lecture not always so much. I'm doing a zumba class before lab and going to the gym first thing to get in some weight training.   If I can discipline myself enough to correct my bad eating habits I will be looking f.i.n.e. fine by my birthday in November.

Have a great day dear readers.