Monday, August 20, 2012

What a Weekend

Sorry I've not been posting more lately. Between the kiddies all being back in school, work, and getting ready for my classes and life in general, I've been busy.  I've a million and one things to do this week to get ready for my classes starting next week, but I thought I would jump on here real quick  to let my dear readers know how my weekend went.

On Saturday I ran the Celebrate Munford 5k. I was hoping for a 36 minute finish, but ended up with a 39:10.  I haven't been training near as much as I should of and I think I forgot all about the hills on the course...or at least imagined them as less then they were. I still did better time-wise then I did last year. I came in at 39:45 last year. I was 200th place overall (I was looking at the results and a 81 year old man came in at 30:45, how amazing is that!).  The greatest thing to come from the race is my two youngest sons want to run the next 5k with me. There's one at the end of September I think we'll sign up for, I can't wait. It's sort of a dream of mine, since I started running again, to have my family with me in a race. My middle son says he's going to have me running everyday. So it looks like he's assigned himself as my personal trainer. 

Also on Saturday I started a new job. It's a new type of work for me, but I think I like it. However I wore the wrong shoes and so I was hurting when I got off work.  Standing for 6 hours in heels (no matter they were only like 2 inch chunky heels) right after running a race isn't a good idea. I was so sore and tired when I got home, I may of been a little cranky as well. I went to bed at 8:30 that night without telling anyone good night...I had debated on taking another shower or just going to bed and the bed was just much more inviting. I had taken a shower before going to work so I wasn't all icky or anything.

Sunday was my second day at work and I was kept so busy. 6 hours has never gone by so quickly, I love it. 

So now I'm getting ready to head to the gym to work out some sore muscles. My legs, and for some reason my back muscles, are feeling this past weekends activities. No pain, just the good soreness from being worked.  Have a great week dear readers, I'll try and update on how my August goals have gone/are going in a day or so.

A quick snapshot Hubby took of me at start of the race. Middle sons hands and my dear daughter are also in the picture.