Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Making Plans for August

So I've been thinking on what my plans and goals should be for August. I know one is a no-soda challenge. Another is to continue the 30 day Ab Challenge, I've had to restart this one but it's not failing unless you quit doing. I've not quit so I'm still good.

I'm going to be working on menu plans for this month. I think I'm going to do them one week at a time and find a good rotation that works for my bunch.  I'm going to be concentrating on freezer cooking for breakfasts and dinners, healthy school lunches for the kiddies and I, healthy after school snacks, crockpot meals  and easy meals for when Hubby has to fix dinner or we need something easy due to busy nights. I've got a ton of ideas on my Pinterest boards. Some are fine like they are, some I need to tweak to make them better.  

Non fitness/food related plans are homework for the kiddies. They do not have any assigned anymore. The teachers don't want to grade homework so they don't assign it  The kids are not taught cursive anymore. My fifteen year old cannot sign his name, it's embarrassing for him. His signature looks the same as it did in the 3rd grade, I hate it for him.  So I'm going to work with them all to give them the education that is lacking at school. I told my daughter the other day that we had three recesses, a 30 minute lunch and still learned more then they do today with their none to maybe one recess and, if they are lucky, 30 minute lunch.  I want to laugh when someone tells me kids are learning more in school today. Just go ask an eighth or ninth grader to do a paper including a resource/works cited page.  Find out if they can do simple multiplication or addition without the use of a calculator. I feel as if we have a ton of college dropouts coming because they've not ever been taught how to do that type of work. They're just not prepared for life after high school.

Anyway, enough of that soapbox, I'll step off for now. I hope all my dear readers are having a great week.