Monday, January 7, 2013

First Monday of 2013

    I love Monday's, really I do. Monday, to me, is the start of a new week. Whatever you did wrong the prior week is gone, history. You have a new week to start over after being refreshed, hopefully, over the weekend.  Monday has a bad rap since everyone is grumbling about having to get up early, go to work or school, get back to life. However, since we're busy most weekends I'm just getting up a little earlier than I did yesterday.

   So, how's everyone's resolutions/goals for 2013 going? For me it's still too early to tell since I'm just starting today on most projects. I'm doing a 21 day Challenge with Nicole Kellerman, which begins today. I'm also trying to run 1,000 miles in 2013. Though I let the chilly weather chicken me out last week and only got 1 mile in. So I need to run at least 2.79 miles a day to meet that goal. I'll probably make that an even 3 miles a day.  I also need to get a meal plan for when classes start next week.  I do not want to waste my money and calories on food on campus. Though I will give a little bit for Dunkin Donuts coffee, mmmm coffee. Or maybe some chai tea at Starbucks. However I draw the line at any pizza, Taco Bell, Burger King, Chik-fil-a or any other fast food restaurants that are on campus. Again, not worth my dollar or calories.  I also need to make a workout plan. Some days I'm going to workout at home, some the church gym and some at the campus gym.  All free, which works with other goals for 2013.

    Also, who watched the premeire for The Biggest Loser last night? I love the Jillian Michaels is back and that they are including some children ambassadors. I wanted to cry for those poor kids. I also want to slap their parents up against the back of their heads (kind of like the V8 commercials). Those kids did not get to be so overweight on their own. They weren't purchasing and preparing the food they consumed that led to being overweight. Their parents should of made them eat better, do more, and create a good example. I saw a preview and the parents are overweight themselves.
The childhood obesity "epedemic" in our country is horrible. Horrible because most of the time it is 100% preventable. These kids are fat because the adults in their lives made them this way. It is a form of neglect, or at least I think it ought to be treated that way. Not to get the parents in trouble, but to force them to be educated. Open their eyes, and lose the excuses. My kids all lost their "baby fat" by the time they started school. They tend to do that once they start walking and running around. It's not baby fat when they are 10 years old and eating McDonald's 2x a day and sugary cereal for breakfast and junk for snacks. 

   Anyway, have to get off that soapbox. It's a pet peeve of mine and one I may address once I become a RD. I hope all my dear readers have a great week.