Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling Good

I've been doing okay work-out wise the past few days.  Between baseball practice with my sons, mowing the yard and 1 1/2 mile walks I've gotten some exercise.  My glutes, my hamstrings, and muscles along my shins are crying every time I go from sitting to standing.  I'm sore and I love it.
I'm taking today off from walking and mowing. Partly due to the rain, mostly due to a blister that formed on my right heel.  I tried putting a band-aid on it yesterday, but when I took it off last night the blister had grown and popped. So I'm taking something of a rest day today.  I do have a work-out I found on that I want to do.  I think I can do it bare-footed though.
I drank soda yesterday..way too much soda.  Actually one can is too much.  I don 't know why I get cravings for soda but I do, and lately it's been happening a lot.  I need to kick this habit so that I don't lose all the advances I've made with my health.  I'm getting there.