Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First Challenge of 2014

It's been 2014 for a week now. Has anyone fell off their resolutions yet? Honestly, I'm barely keeping mine. Stress lately has been doing that to me. I need accountability (which, of course, is one reason for this page). I have fitness apps on my phone and kindle, but rarely use them. So I decided on my January challenge. This one will run through the end of February as well. 

For the next 7 weeks the challenge is log your health/fitness journey. You can choose your favorite way to do this. I'm going to be using a free printable from here http://www.designfinch.com/2012/09/01/planning-to-get-fit/# (I'm using number 6). Starting this evening I will take a snapshot of my journal each day, whether I fill it out or not. I need to log the good as well as the bad. I will post the picture on here for accountability. 

If you would like to join along just like and comment  on my Facebook page and (if you can) share your log entry. You don't have to share any measurements if you don't want to. Just share that you followed along. Let's hold each other to our goals.