Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So I picked a bad week to do a No Sugar Challenge. Auntie Flo visited and nothing shuts her up better than something sweet, chocolaty, and so not good for you. So I'm enjoying my sweets this week and just upping my workouts and avoiding soda...mostly anyway I did slip up last night. With the stress of finals and end of semester stuff I'm thinking a restricting type of challenge is not a good thing right now.

So lets change up the challenge (because I like doing personal challenges) and make it a move more challenge. It goes with my 2014 resolution and health/fitness goals for this year.  So I challenge myself, and you if you wish, to move more. Set your phone alarm to go off every 30, 35 or 60 minutes and get up and do 5 minutes or more of some activity. Especially, if like me, you are studying for finals and lose track of time.

So do squats and jumping jacks during commercials, take a 5 minute run outside around the house and up and down the driveway, tickle the kiddos for 5 minutes, wrestle with the hubby. Anything,just get up and move for 5 minutes or more. The goal for adults is 150 minutes of exercise type activity per week. So if you get up and dance 6x a day for 5 minutes each time you have 30 minutes a day. Do this 5x a week and you've hit that 150 minutes. Easy peasy, right.

So, here's today's activity thus far for accountability:

25 minutes Zumba-style dancing (I worked out to Dance Fitness with Jessica, just search for her on YouTube. She's great.)
75 squats
1 minute 40 seconds of burpees
1 minute 20 seconds of wall sits

So I'm up to a little more then 30 minutes of exercise today. Am I done? Nope, it's only 11am here, there's still a whole day to go through.