Thursday, February 2, 2012

Go Away Icky Bugs

   I want this nasty, yucky cold to leave my body.  I'm through with the constantly running nose.  The stuffy feeling brain/head, I swear I cannot even think straight. The sore throat, which is being exacerbated by a cough I seemed to of developed overnight.  This is only the beginning of day 3 of this cold, it started Tuesday afternoon.  Well the symptoms kicked in then anyway.  Since no one in the home has had a cold like this I most likely got the virus from school.  Monday night I only got like 5 hours (tops) of sleep so that probably what kicked it in gear.  It seems to happen every time I get less sleep then I need.  I had not been sleeping well anyway due to Hubby working overnight the past couple weeks.  This week he is on days, but next back to overnights. Sleep is very important to your health. If you don't think so, then try doing without and see what happens.  Actually, I don't advise that.  I advise that you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night.  I can usually get by with 6 for a couple days, but my body will make me sleep in as soon as I can.  I also require naps on those days as I'm dragging by 3 or 4pm.
  So my goals to kick this cold in the rear and get back on track is for the next few days: increase my fluids, especially water; rest, I'm not worried so much about the gym when I can barely breathe; take my vitamins, I believe the extra bit helps during times like this...even if it may be a placebo effect; cut back or out on sugar, this is hard because when I don't feel well I want comfort foods and that bar of chocolate looks awfully comforting.
  So I guess it's time to take my snotty, hacking self to school and try to avoid passing this on to anyone else.  Because that's just not nice.