Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching Up

Wow, it's been just over a month since my last post. Sorry, February was a busy month for me. That cold I last blogged about turned into bronchitis and so I was fairly sick for a week or so, and then had a cough that lingered on for another week.  I'm better now though, except for normal seasonal runny nose and stuff. No coughing so that's wonderful.
This week is my Spring break and my plans are to catch up on studying, catch up on exercises and catch up on yardwork.  Oh and cleaning, got to throw that in there as well.  I'm planning on a busy 5-6 days.
I'm also restarting the Supreme 90 Day workouts.  I only made it to day 12 last time and got behind, so I'm going to restart those and see how it goes.
My mom asked if I could write her up a meal plan and so I've got to work on that as well (though I'm wondering if she realizes how much work goes into making on up). I'll get one done and sent to her and then explain it better when (if?) we go up later this month.  She's wanting to make changes and have a healthier lifestyles and I'm all for that. She has a meat and potatoes husband who may be a little harder to go along with stuff, but I have ideas for working around that as well. She also said she only eats vegetables like 3x a week! I think my jaw dropped on that. I eat 2-3 big servings of veggies a day (and probably should eat more). I couldn't imagine only eating that per week. No wonder she's tired and guess is I should recommend she try a fiber supplement (and lots of water) for a while too.  Now, for disclosure, I'm not doing any of this for money. I'm not recommending any kind of medicine (other then maybe a few otc supplements like cod liver oil and fiber).  I'm using sites like and other information that anyone with a few minutes and internet access could use.  I don't want anyone to think I'm giving medical advice or working as a rd when I'm just a student. I constantly tell her to tell her doctors everything she's eating, taking, doing, so that they can work with her and her prescriptions.
For my own eating goals, this week(starting today) I'm going no added white sugar.  I've been on a sweets binge lately and I know I have got to get this under control.  So far so good I had some puffed red wheat cereal (I love the ingredient list all it says is: whole red wheat). It's Alf's Natural Nutrition and is only 1.00 a bag at Walmart. I did add just a teaspoon of local honey to it for sweetening and flavor as the cereal itself is rather bland. It has only 70 calories(before 2% milk) 2 g of dietary fiber and 2 g of protein and no sugars. So cheap and good for you sounds great.  I'm going to hard boil an egg for after my workout this morning because I do need more protein for muscle.
Well time to go get started, I have a 5k I'm running in just over 2 weeks and am not quite ready for. Have a great day dear readers.