Saturday, March 31, 2012

Once Again, This Time With Enthusiasm

I'm going to quit drinking soda pop, again, I hope, no I will.  I'm getting my game plan all set. I bought a what was labelled as a refrigerator bottle to make tea in and put in the fridge for easy access. I plan on getting some juices and sparkling water/club soda for when I want something sweet and bubbly.  I'm going to workout instead of reach for a Dr. Pepper when I feel stressed (I have finals in four weeks...stress is building).

I'm challenging myself this month to no soda at all. Even if the hubby brings some home I'm not drinking it, I'm not really, I swear. I've laid off soda and it would work for anywhere from a day to nearly a month.  Then I would "have just one sip" and all bets were off.

I want abs, I want to see the six pack that's hiding under these fat. I cannot get that by just doing crunches and ab machines. No matter how far I run I cannot out run fat if I keep drinking/eating crap.  Since baby steps work better for me then great big leaps, I'm starting with soda.  I'm hoping to pick up more clean eating habits as my garden grows, but this is something I have to get my whole family (especially hubby) on board with.