Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1 of a Soda Free April

Today has been just great. Got up, went to church and listened to an excellent lesson about the Golden Rule and not judging people (guiding yes, judging no). Preacher preached a sermon on being there for God and ministering to people.
Then went home ate a quick sandwich (okay two, 'cause I was hungry) for lunch and checked emails and Facebook. Then got to work on the gardens, and mowed the yard.

Best thing is I only once craved a soda and I didn't give in to it. I figured I just was wanting something sweet and put some ice in a glass and poured me some apple juice (100% juice no sugar added).  That hit the spot.

I'm feeling great, I've not had any energy drags. Well till now, but I have: mowed about 1/2 an acre of yard (all on a hill); pulled weeds and planted for 30-45 minutes; and did a mini workout of lunges, squats and crunches. Plus getting dinner together, trying to get kids to do chores and other odds and ends.  Still have a bit of housework and homework left.  Still, while I'm dragging  a small bit, I feel like I've got some energy reserves left.  I personally think the excess sugar in soda makes me more tired then I should be.

I also watched this interesting segment on 60 minutes tonight about sugar being toxic.  The doctors in the segment say cancer loves it, it works like drugs and alcohol in our brains, and we consume way too much of it. The doctor in the segment recommends that men get no more then 150 calories a day and women no more then 100 calories a day of sugar.  Also an interesting fact was that in humans early years we associated fructose with safe food.  Basically if it tasted sweet it was good for us.  However that fructose came from fruit and we didn't eat as much of it as we do now.