Monday, April 9, 2012

Soda Update and a Weigh in Today

Well I had to slip a bit on my no soda challenge over the weekend.  I hadn't felt good for a couple days, just extra sleepy, but chalked it up to it being that time of month coming. On Saturday I woke up and felt like I hadn't slept in 2 days(I've done that before and know what it feels like). I couldn't go back to sleep as one son had baseball practice, another had a civil air patrol meeting (this is where I'm so glad Hubby was home) at the same time. So I chose to take youngest son to his practice and Hubby took the oldest off. I made it through this and got home ate lunch and all I wanted to do was curl up on my recliner and sleep. Actually, I chose Hubby's recliner instead (his is bigger and one of the kiddies was sitting in mine) and tried to nap.  None doing since the kiddies were home. I kind of just dozed off and on while watching Mary Poppins.

Well the evening comes along and we go to Walmart for some last minute Easter shopping for the kiddies (they're getting too old for egg hunting but we still wanted to treat them). While we were waiting in checkout I started feeling more off and that led to feeling nauseous as we were leaving. The bad kind of feeling were you're not sure if your going to puke or faint. So I had Hubby get me a ginger ale in hopes of settling my stomach/system.  So there is where I kinda blew my soda challenge. However, since it was for an illness I think I'll count is a medicinal use instead. I think I'll add an extra day and go to the 1st instead of the 30th though just to be good.

Today with my Tigers Feel Great wellness class is our final weigh in/class. I'm kinda nervous, I feel like I'm in better shape. However my scale hasn't moved this semester.  I think I've gained muscle because I feel stronger, my stomach feels flatter(I need to take some measurements and see). My clothes aren't fitting tighter so I know I haven't gained weight. I think my calves are smaller, they look stronger. I can run a bit faster and a bit longer. They record weight, bmi and fat percentage (using one of those handheld machines) and blood pressure. I usually just go by my bmi and fat percentage and try to ignore the scale. Though I think I'll eat light for breakfast and lunch anyway.

Have a great day dear readers.