Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 10

First off, Happy 13th birthday to my middle son!  I think he was just two yesterday.

Anyway here is what I ate yesterday:
1 cup of the kids' cereal
1/2 cup 2%milk
16 ounces of coffee
for a total of 209 calories

Taco Bell nachos supreme express
for a total of 440 calories.

1 1/3 cups of mixed beans
for a total of 213 calories

1 swiss roll
1 nutty buddy
for a total of 543 calories

1 hour of Zumba -537 calories
26 minutes of Blogilates workouts - 80calories
for a total of 617 calories spent

I ended the day 439 calories under budget. Last night my muscles were good and sore, especially my triceps and obliques. I don't think I've ever done so many pushups as I have in the past couple days. I was going to go to the rec center on campus before class this morning but I think I'll skip it. I have my resistance training class and I want to save some of my shoulders for that.  I think I'll go to the church gym tomorrow if I don't work.
One of the trainers, who does the Tigers Feel Great program at school, saw me at the health fair yesterday the campus had. She asked why I didn't do the program this semester and how and what I was doing.  I wanted to do the program, but have classes during the times it's offered. I felt a bit guilty about not going to the rec center yet this semester. My immediate excuse was I didn't have the time, but I do have some time. I just need to get better at managing it and quit putting off assignments till the last minute.

Looking at my last few days food logs and I know I've been bad. I'm not eating a ton of calories but the majority of the calories have been from junk food it seems. That will not give my body the fuel it needs, I know. I put myself through a grueling pace mentally and physically and I need to eat nutrients that will give me energy to keep up the pace. Swiss rolls and nutty buddies have no real nutrients and I deserve better. I need to keep that in mind when the craving to grab something quick and easy to snack on hits.