Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 9

Nine days in on my own little personal challenge. I think all and all it's going well. Yesterday wasn't quite as bad as I feared, I think mainly due to my presentation being pushed back till the 18th.  Anyway here's what I ate and did:

1 serving of my baked oatmeal
16 oz of coffee
for a total of 279 calories

Small serving of Chicken Teriyaki from school (I only ate a portion of what they served me)
A couple bites of Chow Mein (the noodles were way too greasy and I decided the taste wasn't worth the calories)
for a total of 201 calories

3 oz of pork roast
1 med baked potato
1 carrot
for a total of 453 calories

One package of peanut butter crackers
One 12 ounce Mountain Dew
for a total of 301 calories

1 hour of weight lifting (class) -431 calories
35 minutes of pilates type exercises (Blogilates, love Cassey she's a great motivator) -101 calories
5 minutes of aerobic dance ( Blogilates Gangnam Style) -45 calories
25 minutes of walking -108 calories
total calorie expenditure is -685

I came in 691 calories under budget yesterday.Oh btw, I think I forgot to mention previously that shows my calorie budget as being 1,240. That number seems super low, but that's net calories. Calories left after exercise. The more I exercise, with their software, the more I can eat. Win, win huh.

Anyway I really need to eat a better lunch. Also, I tried to not drink soda but that last Dew in the fridge was more temptation then I could of handled so it had to go.

So far today I'm doing great, feeling great and think it's going to be a wonderful Wednesday. I'm going to finish up some stuff for Chem lab this morning and if I have time try to knock out some of today's workout before leaving for campus. I'm going to go to Zumba at noon then lab at 2 then rush home to attend my hybrid class (sometimes it's on campus and sometimes it's virtual).  I'm down 2lbs this morning, woot. My fat percentage is the same as it was the other day. Which is fine, it's still down. Maybe that's the way my body wants to work. I'm cool with it as long as it continues in the right trend.

Oh and a classmate of mine is a Beachbody coach and said she would bring me a sample of Shakeology to try. How great is that? I've been wanting to try it, but iffy about putting down the money for the program.

Have a fantastic day dear readers!