Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Well, At Least I Didn't Cry

I didn't pass Organic Chemistry, again. Apparently 3rd time was not the charm for me.  I was so disappointed in my self when I saw that D+. My husband had a point, there are lots of students not passing that class and they are also not dealing with raising children, working four days a week, and taking a full load in college. However, I wanted to pass so that I could graduate in December and be done. Now I'm going to have to push back my graduation date to May of 2014. This will still be my last summer as an undergrad, but I was  hoping for it to be my last Spring semester.

On better news, I'm sticking pretty good with healthy eating plans. I've only had one soda in 4 days. Well, two if you count the vitamin water my well-meaning hubby bought yesterday. He had already bought it before I could tell him that the Vitamin waters are no better than a can of Dr. Pepper, so I drank it in order to not make him feel bad. I told him later, though, so he doesn't repeat the mistake.

I suppose I must get some chores done before running today. I didn't charge my phone last night so  I'm waiting for it to do so, then I can use the Endomondo app during my run. I really like seeing the splits. Apparently the second half of my run is faster than the first mile. Interesting.