Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Texas Cara Box

Cara Box

I had found Cara Box on another blog and signed up for the May box. It's not your usual subscription service. You sign up and you're matched to two great people. One who will send  you a box and another that receives the box you send. This month's theme was "Lets Be Regional" and I really wish I could of gotten time to hit every boutique in the Mid-South/West Tennessee/Memphis area because I know I could of done better than I did. I really wish cotton would of been blooming because I could of picked up some that falls off the trucks and made a neat shadow box with the map of Memphis and other paraphernalia. Finals, work and kids' sports got the best of me and before I knew it, it was time to send the box. So I sent what I thought of immediately when I thought of the region I live in: Memphis, Elvis, BBQ, Tn VOLS and Memphis Tigers. I also think of the blues but could not find a cd of one of the more well known Memphis Blues artists, wish I had a cd or mp3 of Rudy Williams, who was the sweetest street musician I had ever seen. Here is a video from YouTube I found:

Too bad he's passed away now, I've not been down Beale since he's passed to see if another future great is playing in his spot yet. I do hope Ashley from Track Suit Friday  enjoyed what I compiled and does something creative with the Tennessee orange bandannas ( I was thinking matching collars for the doggies).

And without further ado, here is my Cara box from the sweet lady of Confessions of an Army Housewife, Kodie.
A whole smorgasbord of goodies
She sent from her region: A margarita mix, margarita glass, two grow kits and one packet of peppers (of which the Hubby snatched and went and planted), some mango chili pepper suckers (that I really want to like, but the taste is very different than my buds are used to), gardening gloves, Body by Vi shakes (I tried these at a Women's dinner at church once and they are yummy, a scentsy room spray and two of my favorite magazines and a few more things. You out did yourself Kodie :) and make me feel really bad about my little box (though if it was winter I would of went and got some chocolate from the local candy maker,Dinstuhl's)
Anyway, I enjoyed putting together my little box and will sign up again for June's box. If you would like to try it go to Wifessionals and look for the June signups coming soon.