Monday, June 3, 2013

19 Days till Mini-Vacay

I'm so excited, we are taking our first little mini vacation. We've taken weekend trips to see family in Missouri, but visiting family definitely does not count as a vacation. We are taking a two to four day camping trip in the hills of West Tennessee (yes there are hills here, somewhere). At a small lake called Lake Placid. I'm getting such a kick out of that name, my baby sister says there is no way she could camp there. I'll be on the lookout for a Betty White look-a-like leading a cow to the water.

Of course, water + swimming = swimsuit. Ugh, I am so not swimsuit ready. I last wore my suit when splashing around in the kiddies little pool (it comes up to my knees and is 12ft wide) last summer. So I need to pick up the clean eating and exercise. I know no miracles are going to happen in just over 2 weeks. However, exercise increases confidence levels and that will make me feel better in my suit.  It's not like I'm squeezing myself into a string bikini and letting it all hang out. I have a perfectly reasonable tankini that covers the belly fat and has a little skirt to hide some of the dimples on my hips/thigh areas.

So, I'm thinking of starting a dietbet challenge to encourage myself and others to eat healthy and exercise for the next month. Most dietbets go for four weeks, after that whoever loses 4% of their bodyweight wins/splits the pot. For me 4% would be like 7 and 1/2 pounds. Totally doable.

Anyway, I'll make that decision in the next day or two and will probably start Friday or Saturday. So if you're interested look for a link here.

Also I signed up for the June Cara Box at Wifessionals, the theme is carnival/fair time.  Lots of ideas bouncing around my head, can't wait.