Sunday, June 8, 2014

Juneathon Days 7-8

Juneathon Day 7

Today ended up being another rest day. It was my baby's 13th birthday so I tried to make the day about him. It also rained and stormed again making doing anything outside difficult.

Juneathon Day 8

Today I went for a walk, dragging my oldest son along this time. He talked about a favorite game the whole time and I just smiled and nodded. He's getting ready for his Senior year in high school so I'm just enjoying every minute I can now.
I logged 1.25 miles but it was actually a little bit longer than that. Our cat decided it wanted to come for a walk as well and so I had my son take it back to the house. I was worried if I let it come along it would of gotten ran over. Sometimes I think this cat thinks it's part dog.

Anyway, it was a cool 75 degrees outside, with a nice breeze and the humidity felt like it was a bit lower for once. Went a bit slower than I intended, but I did something.  I'm also going to go through  my challenge exercises and be done for the day.

Have a good evening dear readers.