Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Plans are Made for Changing

I didn't go to the gym yesterday and Monday was a total waste.  Monday the kids and I were home due to MLK day. I was hoping to get sooo much done, I got little to nothing. My lovely daughter (who I want to shake) decided that was the day to work on her Science fair project that was due Tuesday.  So I had to help her with that, though I shouldn't of since it was assigned early December and she's had all this time to do it, but wouldn't. I had gotten tired of reminding her everyday to work on it. Then I got busy with my own classes and forgot.  Well that is something for my other blog. Anyway, between trying to get some household choirs done and the kids I couldn't get a workout in.
So I was thinking, Tuesday, Tuesday I'll get something in.  Nope, I'm trying to stay ahead with my classes so when my last class let out instead of heading to the gym I headed home to get an hour and a half of uninterrupted studying done.  I would of done more but the kiddies all came home with all their chaos and my lovely daughter said that she had to rewrite her abstract and didn't know if it had to be 9 paragraphs or 9 pages. Then as she was trying to figure that out she finally reads her instructions and realizes that she has to write a research paper as well. Not going to happen sweetheart. There is no way to write a research paper, start to finish, in the 2 hours you have before bed.  Hence the reason why I want to shake her.
So I'm going to try something different for the rest of this week. I'm going to leave the house early so I can get some gym time before class then after class I can come home to quiet and study.  Wish me luck that I can make this stick.