Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days 7, 8 & 9 and progress update

Day 8 I did yesterday, I just didn't get a chance to blog because Hubby was home all day and commandeered the desktop.  This left me with a barely working laptop that won't let me use my blogger.  So yesterday was Chest/Back again. I increased my dumbbells from 5lbs to about 8lbs (one dumbbell was 1/2lb lighter because I couldn't find the right weight for it, they're adjustable ones) for several of the exercises and feel like that helped tremendously.
I also forgot to blog day 7, sorry. Legs workout was awesome, though I've got to figure out why my right knee keeps crackling. It doesn't hurt so it may just be air pockets.  I figure I'll get some joint supplements and see if that helps.  I don't think it's from age, actually it may because I haven't ran in like 4 weeks and the muscles around have weakened a little.  So some supplements and strengthening and I should be as good as new.
Today, Day 9, was the Ultimate ball workout again.  My chest muscles are screaming and  I could feel all my ab muscles working hard during the dvd.
Tomorrow is a rest day, but I doubt I'll do much resting.  Even with knowing that Tabata inferno comes afterward, I still feel the need to workout 7 days a week right now.  If I had less to lose, not as far to go to achieve my fitness goals I may take one.  However, since I've got a ways to go I'm going to push through. Besides, I did take an unscheduled day off on Sunday.  I did double on Monday to make up for it, but it was still a rest day.
My current stats are:
weight; 168lbs (up another pound, I really need to get my diet under control)
Chest: 37 inches (down .5")
Waist: 35.5" (up1.5" this is where that extra pound is I bet..again it's all diet)
Hips: 41" (no change)

So goals for this next week are to clean up my diet. I've eaten to much junk (sugar, highly processed foods)  and it's showing.  I also need to continue with my workouts as I'm enjoying S90D so far and am hoping to see results soon.