Saturday, December 31, 2011

Days 5 and 6 of S90D

Yesterday was day 5 and Shoulders/Arms workout.  Like the first workout, I need to increase the weight on some of the exercises.  I have a tendency to go too light when first doing a new exercise, not a bad thing just playing it safe.  Anyway, while I was good and tired afterwards no sore muscles today from it. So next time I'll go up a couple pounds.
Today, day 6, was Cardio Challenge.  Not as hard as Tabata Inferno, but still enough to make you sweat a lot.  It also has lots of shoulder exercises since it combines dumbbells with the cardio exercises.  My shoulders may be crying tomorrow morning, it'll be so worth it though.
Tomorrow I'll be doing the Legs dvd sometime after church.  What a great way to begin 2012.