Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update on Operation Don't Gain Weight Over Winter Break

Well the good:

  • I'm being careful about the treats I eat and keeping everything to a minimum.
  • I'm making sure to get up and move around.  For example: I'll get off the computer and go do squats while watching Hubby play on the Xbox. I'll also do random dancing or jumping jacks, anything to get a few minutes of exercise in throughout the day.
Here's the bad, or the needs improvement:
  • I've not been drinking enough water.  I've not been drinking too much soda (about one a day, which is still a lot but I don't think it too too much). I've been drinking way too much coffee (about 1/2 a pot or more a day).  The past two days have been some better, I've gotten about 40 oz of water both days.  Today I'm going to aim for double that.
  • While I have been getting in random acts of exercise, I've not actually been working out.  Yesterday I spent the day cleaning my bedroom.  I cleaned out closets, moved dressers, vacuumed and cleaned carpet, and did a ton of laundry.  My thighs are sore from the exercise, and it's the most I've done since before finals week.  So I need to fit in my hour a day plus the random acts.  I'm not trying to lose weight these couple of weeks, but I do have to stay on top of the extra calories I'm consuming.
  • I need to be eating more veggies.  Last night I made sure that half my plate, at dinner, was the veggie Hubby fixed. I also made sure to eat that first so that I wouldn't be too full to eat it all.  Breakfast was just eggs and we skipped lunch. Not intentionally, I was in a cleaning mood and worked through lunch.  The kiddies had sandwiches, I think.
So keeping everything in mind I'll start my day and make sure I pay more attention to what I'm doing. Keeping my goals in mind.  I probably won't post till after Christmas, so have a very merry Christmas dear readers.