Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a new workout

I hope all you dear readers are having a wonderful Christmas day.  Ours has been lovely so far.  Even the weather is cooperating with being partly sunny and 55 degrees.
One of my gifts was a workout system called Supreme 90 Day.  It's similar to P90 or P90x without costing the arm and a leg that Beachbody charges.  Well I say it's similar, I'm going by online reviews since I've never actually seen the P90 series except for online and t.v. and I've not done this system as of right now.
However I've been reading reviews and they're very good for S90D and I'm looking forward to getting started in the morning.  My weight has been wonderful so far this break (I've actually lost a few pounds without trying).  I know I said earlier that I wasn't going to try to lose weight this break just try and keep busy. However, I saw this at the Dollar General and it was only 10.00 and so I nearly begged Hubby for it for Christmas.  I'm really looking forward to getting started.
Anyway my point is I know I said I wasn't going to try to lose weight, but if it comes off while I'm exercising then that's a wonderful side effect. Right? I've wanted to try P90x, but cannot afford the high cost. So here I have in my greedy little paws a perfect, affordable substitute.  It also comes with a nutrition guide written by Tosca Reno, who is wonderful.  I have two, or three, of her Eat-Clean books and am already familiar with her style.
So tomorrow I'll take a before picture and all my measurements and share with you all.  I'll also try to post daily on which workout I did and what I think of it.  So here's to a hopefully awesome 90 days.