Monday, December 12, 2011

Operation: Don't Gain Weight Over Winter Break

I'm still here dear readers, just a very busy time of year. With the holidays, finals, and finals and finals oh yeah and Christmas. It's just plain busy. I promise that I'll be posting more regularly soon.
Anyway I'm setting a goal and so I'll post throughout winter break, which is 12/16-1/11 for me. My goal, as the title suggests, is to not gain weight these 3 1/2 weeks. I'm not aiming to lose weight, which is great if it happens, just not gain any. I'm not going to torture myself with Christmas coming and all the goodies that comes with the season and not being able to indulge a little.
So how will I meet this goal? Well here's the plan:
  1. Workout 1 hour per day aiming for 6 days a week. This should include 30-45 minutes of strength training/exercises and 15-30 minutes of cardio exercises.
  2. Never sit still for longer then 30 minutes at a time. Get up, get a drink of water, do 10 squats, jumping jacks anything. Just do not sit still for long periods of time. Set a timer if I must.
  3. Fill plate, at lunch and dinner, half full of veggies first then add meats and starches. Keep servings of sweets at a minimum. I can have that Christmas cookie/candy, just limit to one or two pieces. Be mindful of serving sizes.
  4. Water should be main beverage, then tea (unsweetened), coffee, juice. No more then one soda a week and can have a small glass of eggnog once or twice during break (mmm I do love eggnog).
See simple right? Basic stuff I should be doing anyway, however if I write it down I'm more likely to follow it. Too easy to slip into old habits when at home. For some reason it's the hardest for me to get motivated at home. At the gym an hour flies by, at home it kind of drags. It's all mental I know, I don't worry so much what needs done at the gym. Working out at home I have kiddies asking when I'll be done, housework to do, and a million other things that is harder to tune out.