Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 2 of S90D

My chest and shoulders are good and sore from yesterday and all those push ups.  Today was a core workout, like I mentioned, with all the exercises using the ball. Hence the name Ultimate ball, duh.  Anyway tomorrow is scheduled to be a rest day. Which to me seems weird after only two days of working out, so I think I'll do some time on the gazelle or pop in on of my other dvds. Other then a few sore muscles I'm feeling great, like I can take on the world great.  I really needed to get back into working out I think.  I'm also planning out my race schedule.  Right now I'm looking at possibly a 5k in March, a mud run in April, a 5k in August and a 5k in October and maybe a turkey trot at Thanksgiving, oh and there's another 5k in December I'm considering.  I really, really want to do that mud run even though it's sometimes still a bit cool in April.  I don't think I'll mind being cold and wet as it looks like tons of fun.  That's about 18.6 miles of racing, so hey if I can successfully complete these this coming year maybe I can start training for a half-marathon soon. I'd love to run one.