Sunday, January 15, 2012

Workout Catchup

Sorry I've not posted in nearly two weeks. Spring semester just started and I had other things to do that took precedent. Anyway I kind of got off track after day 11.  Day 11 was my second day of Tabata Inferno, and I have to say it wasn't much easier second time around. Still liked it.  However after that I kept getting sidetracked and seem to keep not doing day 12.  I should be on day 21 today, but as you can read I'm way behind.
I'm hoping to settle into a routine this week or next. I'm going to do day 12 tonight after church and go on from there.  Stopping a workout routine is not a problem as long as you pick it back up ASAP. I did do 45 minutes at the gym on Thursday and will do 45-60 minutes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week.  Days 13 and 14 of S90D are Cardio and Legs so I may double up on them tomorrow.