Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halfway Through

It's Wednesday so the weeks half over, Yay!
I'm doing okay on exercise this week, so far. I've done Supreme 90 days Monday and this morning. I ran 2.67 miles yesterday. According to I've burned 705 calories this week. I think it's awesome since I've still got the rest of today, tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday to go through.

Not much else to blog about really. I drank a bodybyVi  shake after my workout this morning. I tried a small sample at a woman's ministry banquet at church a couple weeks ago and thought it was pretty good. I was thinking this morning how yummy it would be to mix it with milk and ice in a blender and have a cold milkshake.  I really like and am trying to decide if I could justify the cost and try their 90 day challenge. Not sure, because I really do like to eat my meals rather then drink them. I do think the shakes are good for post workout or a snack or if you have to have something in a hurry. They're yummy too, much better then Slim-fast.

Anyway, not trying to sell, just procrastinate a bit before I go and mow our behemoth of a yard. 1.3 acres and uphill both ways, with a push mower. I look at it as a great leg workout and really need to get it done before it reaches jungle status. We're at 79 degrees now, suppose to reach 86 (I bet we hit 90). At least the humidity is only 49% right now. I love hot weather. My mother-in-law is visiting us and since she's overweight and gets hot easily we've been keeping the house rather cool. I keep having to go outside and thaw out. I love that she finally got a chance to visit us after living here 4 years now, but I have to say I'll be glad when she goes home so that I can get my home at a more comfortable temp for me.
Anyway have a great day dear readers, I plan to.