Saturday, May 12, 2012

Summer Plans

Well, I made it through finals and did well in most of my classes except for Organic Chemistry. I'm going to have to retake that one this fall. I was going to do it this summer but I didn't have the financial aid available to take any classes.

So I'm making my summer plans and here they are:

  1. Find part time work
  2. Begin a 10k training plan
    • I would really like to run a 10k this year, plus this would help my 5k times.
    • I'm going to use this plan from Hal Higdon 
  3. Strength train at least 3x a week.
    • I'm going to use Supreme 90 Day for this.
  4. Fix my diet
    • It's definitely broken. I've been eating way too much processed foods, sugar and junk lately. My gardens are beginning to produce so lots of fresh veggies are beginning to come my way. I'm going to try and grow more this year, changing what I plant with the seasons. Where I live about the only time you cannot grow something is January and February. Even then you still may be able to coax some greens to grow even then as long as you have something to protect them from the few days of freezing we get.
  5. Have fun
    • I'm not taking classes this summer so I have more time to spend with the kiddies. I plan on using some time each day to play with them. They're getting older (I'll have two in high school in August, how did that happen?) and I need to make the most of this time.
    • We're also making tentative plans to take a long weekend and go to a river this summer. We've never taken time for just the six of us. It's always been visiting family. Then we get stuck helping others and the whole weekend has been wasted and we come home feeling dejected and so glad to be away from everyone. So we want to take a mini-cation; camping, fishing, swimming, doing whatever we feel like. Without the pressures of others trying to dictate how we should spend our limited time.  Since were we plan on going will be near relatives, we plan on not telling anyone when or where. I'm so looking forward to it.
So far that's all I have. A fairly relaxing couple of months then I kick back in high gear to finish my last few semesters of college.