Thursday, May 31, 2012

Last Day of May

I just thought I would write a quick post and update my dear readers on how my work out plan is going. Well, I haven't been running much the past week and a half/two weeks. I tried the other day got about a mile and a half in and had to stop. I have trouble with endurance when the humidity reaches 70% and higher. My energy just saps, my breathing becomes harder and going just one more step seems nearly impossible.  So I'm going to have to plan my outside runs on days when humidity is lower. High temps don't seem to bother me much, but when we get "the air you can wear." Ugh.  I may start running later in the day instead of the will be hotter, but humidity is less.  As long as I stay hydrated I'll be fine.
On a plus side, I've been going to my church's gym and working out since Tuesday this week.  How awesome is it that my church has a free gym with a weight room and cardio room for their members.  They may not have the number of machines that other gyms have, but it's there and available for use from 8am- 4:30pm(I think) Monday through Friday.
Another disadvantage is no personal trainers, but there is a lady who uses what she learned and encourages everyone in their own journeys. I don't see nothing wrong with it as long as it's general advice.

So, I've been doing 30 minutes on a cardio machine (options here are treadmill, bike, or elliptical) then 8x up and down 2 flights of stairs, then weights(alternating upper body and lower body each day). Since it is small gym if there is more then a couple people there you end up waiting for equipment.  I don't mind, it gives me a chance to catch my breathe.

Tomorrow starts Juneathon and I'll be blogging about my run/workout everyday for the month of June. I love activities that involve accountability. That's why I like challenges. Especially ones where there is no winning or losing, just personal growth. Like the one Tiffany from The Gracious Pantry has started on Facebook.  It all started with a friendly competition between her and a friend. Now, it's grown into a group of currently 352 participants on Facebook. The challenge starts Monday and lasts 3 or 6 months, however long you want to go for. I decided on 6 months, because I want to look great by my birthday in November and I'm hoping to better my consistency with eating clean and working out. No more of doing really good for a few weeks then stopping, rinse and repeat. Anyway, if you're interested just go to the group page on Facebook and join in.

Well dear readers, it's time to put on my workout clothes and get my sweat on. I hope you all have a great day.