Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Juneathon Fail

Last week ended up being a wash exercise-wise for me. There was vacation bible school at church all week and I just didn't feel comfortable working out with all those people around(they said they averaged 400 kids a day). That time of month also kicked in and that made me feel washed out and tired most of the week.  So working out consisted of nearly nothing.

I'm making up for that this week.  Yesterday I did 30 minutes on the spin bike, ran up and walked down 2 flights of stairs 8x, 40-50 minutes of upper body using weight machines and free weights.  After about an hour and a half at the gym I came home and mowed my yard for another hour.  Oh and we do abs everyday yesterday and today I did 72 decline crunches and 72 reps on the ab machine. It's suppose to be 3 sets of 12 times 2, but I get in a groove and forget to pause between sets.  Oops. I usually do about 24 reps then pause for like 30 seconds then another 24 pause, then a 3rd set of 24.  I may need to increase my weight/difficulty.

Oh and I've been asked if I can help some of the other church member with making healthy choices with food/eating. I'll probably enlist the help of another dietetic student who is working out with us, if she's comfortable with it. I have no problems sharing with others the things I learn in class as long as they don't request meal plans.  I don't want to get accused of working without a license and there is a fine line.  I'm sure showing people proper serving sizes and how to make better choices is fine because the SDA does that all the time.

On a good note, one of the ladies working out today was talking to me about her junk food cravings and asked what I thought. She was happy to have some of her questions answered and said maybe God was making this a calling for me. I know was feeling good about talking with her and I really love learning about nutrition and how it affects our bodies. So maybe she's right. As I finish my undergrad I'm so happy to feel as I'm on the right path.

Well, I want to do some more things before my workout high wears off so I guess I need to get off of here and get them done. Have a wonderful day dear readers.