Friday, August 9, 2013

Short Update

It's been a busy, frustrating summer. Between financial issues causes by vehicle issues and worry over school issues...well lets just say I have issues.
Right now I'm trying my best to hand my worries over to God and take each day as it comes. Life can be difficult but rarely is it impossible.
The past week my kiddies have begun a new school year( I'm currently in awe of the fact that I'm the mother of a junior in high school). I have started a new dietbet game, the pot is 75.00 this go around. I increased the amount of exercise I am doing and my body has responded normally by increasing my weight by two pounds. I am unsure why this happens, but I know if I just push through the weight comes off again.
Well, dear readers, keeping it short and sweet this time. Prayers out to those dealing with flooding in Kansas and Missouri.