Sunday, September 1, 2013

I didn't win this past dietbet. I only had a net loss of 1 pound. I'll take it though, I am making better choices...well trying to anyway. My sodium and sugar have still been way too high. I also need to increase my protein.  I need to make myself eat better breakfasts, however I've had a cold the past few days that has killed my appetite.  So I signed up for another dietbet game the pot is currently 170.00, so way awesome if I could win this one.  Could get something fun for my birthday in November with those winnings.

In order to encourage myself to do more I'm attempting a squat challenge, just search for #squatsept on facebook and you could find it. You just pick a number of squats to start with and add 5 squats each day. So today I did 25 and tomorrow will be 30 so forth and so on until the 30th when I will do 170 squats in one day. And on October first I will be crying every time I sit down and stand up.  I'm also going to attempt the Blogilates September calendar.  One top of these two things I'll be going to the rec center on campus 2x a week and trying to get 2 miles wogging (walk/jog) 2-3x a week at home.

So hopefully it will be an amazing September and I'll be super hot by next month.  Have a great night dear readers.