Monday, April 18, 2011

A Family That Workouts Together...

My oldest son is in Civil Air Patrol. It's an auxiliary of the Air Force created in 1941.  Their main mission is search and rescue.  Anyway, he's been a cadet since last October and all he needs to do to move up in rank is pass pt. However, my boy is scrawny.  He's about 5'8"-5'9" and 104lbs fully dressed (to the shoes).  He's okay at the mile run.  He can do the push-ups and curl-ups now.  He has trouble when they do the shuttle run (a 30 foot sprint, picking up a small-ish object from one side running back placing it on the other line then returning to pick up a second object).  He's suppose to do it in 10.5 seconds and his time is 15 seconds.  So I'm trying to help him shave the 4.5 seconds off his time.
So yesterday we started the One Hundred Push-ups program and the Two Hundred Squats program.  My son has no problems with  push-ups, he's been doing them at least once a week for several weeks now.  I'm trying to get him to exercise more often to build muscle. He can probably out push-up me easy, even if his form is awful.  His squats surprised me.  I can do 30-40 squats no problem. My 14 year old son could only do 8 before he said his thighs were sore.  So I'm making sure he keeps with this squats program. I'm trying to teach him that squats will strengthen his legs and help him run faster.  I was sure that he could do at least as many as me if not more.  I'm guessing the pt they do at the C.A.P. meetings focuses on upper body and core moves and not as much on legs.  
When my husband isn't out-of-town, we'll work on a 3-day a week running plan as well.  Not only am I getting fit, I'm encouraging my children to be fit as well.