Monday, April 25, 2011

Getting there...1/2 a step at a time.

I'm slowly working more clean eating into my families routine.  It's really hard to change up to 30 years of bad choices.  My hubby's parents and my parents are not clean eaters.  They know what healthy food is, just choose not to eat it.  We both grew up eating mostly cheap, easy food.  Not necessarily healthy and not always tasty.  Our parents were trying to fill bellies most of the time. He grew up in a military family on army budget.  I grew up in the backwoods of the Ozarks. I would say dirt poor but I think the dirt was wealthier then us.   My siblings and I got garden veggies and foraged goodies(poke greens, blackberries, etc) in the summer and lots of carbs in the winter (beans and cornbread) not exactly unhealthy.  Just cooked in a way to make it unhealthy.  A lot of our foods were highly processed items because processed stuff is cheap and you can buy lots of it(boxed mac and cheese anyone).
Anyway, I'm trying to change what we were used to growing up.  I think Hubby ate more junk then I did but that's neither here nor there.  Right now what is important is what we are currently putting in our and our kiddies bodies. 
So slowly, very slowly things are changing.  I'm noticing less junk food (minus this past holiday weekend) in the house.  I'm buying more fruit and veggies. I'm losing pants sizes (weight is going to just not this week).  Hubby mentioned his pants being looser, too.  Kiddies are not losing weight because they don't need to.  My kids are all kinda scrawny as it is.  I just want them to be healthy and if I notice I'm getting healthier then they must be as well.