Friday, April 1, 2011

No Sugar Challenge Part Deux

The wonderful ladies of The Gracious Pantry and Fit and Fabulous Forever are again doing the No Sugar Challenge.  Click on the links to view the their Facebook pages for hints and tips and rules.  Don't be afraid to join in, it's worth it.  I'm doing it again because while I did real good on the last the one, it wasn't enough for me to kick the sugar habit.  The rules are posted HERE  and are super simple to follow.  Basically no added  sugar what so ever.  Sugars that occur naturally in foods are okay (for example sugars in milk, yogurt, fruit...only two servings of fruit a day though). No adding stevia or honey or agave to your coffee, tea, oatmeal etc.. No molasses or maple syrup in your cookies. That sorta thing.  Easy enough and after a while you don't miss it much.  While I've not quite kicked the habit, I'm eating and craving sugars a lot less.  I want to end the craving all together though.  I want to get to were I can enjoy a sweet treat maybe once a week and see it as a treat.  Not as something that I think I must have everyday.
Other goals for the next two weeks are to lose some weight and inches and to work out more.  I want to do a 5k in August and need to get working on that.  I have a bodyspace on that shows my current stats and some of my goals.  I try to keep these as reasonable as possible and as long as I get close to meeting them then I'm happy.  Since beginning of February I've lost 6.6lbs.  I wanted to lose ten but I think coming within 3.4 lbs of that is okay.