Thursday, April 7, 2011

It Hurts When You Fall Off the Wagon

The no sugar wagon hit a bump and I went tumbling down.   I've been having reese's peanut butter cups, a mountain dew and not only in one day.  I'm tired, I have no motivation and just have been blah.  I'm trying to pick myself back up again and get back on.  It's hard, I'll do it. Maybe not today, hopefully tomorrow.  Hubby doesn't help when he brings junk food in the house.  My nutrition/health plans would be much more successful if he went a long with them.  He sees no reason to though or at least he sees no reason for him to.  He's all for me eating healthy and kids eating healthy.  He just doesn't realize that I need him to try a tad bit too.  Try getting kids to eat healthy when their daddy is eating Little Debbies, potato chips, candy bars, candy and all other kinds of crap food is hard.  So starting tonight I'm cleaning out a cupboard to place his crap food.  Right now it sits on top of the fridge, on the counters...wherever it can be grabbed easily.  No more, when he gets home in the morning(he's been working overnights this week) he'll find all his "lunch stuff" has been put away.  I don't have the willpower to see something that I used to gnaw on and walk away.  Especially when stress levels are climbing (finals are coming up in 3 weeks, so yep stress levels increasing on a hourly basis).  Soda used to be my go to when I was feeling overwhelmed and I really need to not have it around right now.  In a few months, a year, when I've conquered all my addictions for something sickly sweet then maybe.  Not now.
So plan making in the works.  Need to get in the habit of making some sort of menu plan.  I don't really like menu planning, but I need to learn to like it.  Also need to get a fitness plan worked out.  Going to have to make it a home fitness plan I think.  This summer I probably won't be able to go the gym, so I need to make my workouts center around what I can do at home.  I have dumbells, swiss ball, bands, dvd player, a quiet street, nearby parks, a big yard and a small garden, even a kickboxing/punching bag stand thingy(10.00 dollars at the flea market...just need to fill it with sand or something to weigh it down).  I can do this.