Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Half the week gone by...

and I haven't done a thing really.  My energy levels have been dragging while stress levels, well they've been okay.  There was that incident Tuesday where I got to school and realized I forgot my backpack at home (which of course contains my notebooks and calculator) and knew I had a Chemistry quiz in 5 minutes (home is about 45 minutes from school).  So I had to run over to the campus bookstore and grab a cheapy calculator and notebook so I could be somewhat ready for class.  Nothing like getting your adrenaline pumping right before a quiz.  I detest being unprepared for class, so the whole hour and half I felt off.  
I've had a few sodas, and I shouldn't.  I'm going to try and end the week better then I started it.  I've not taken had the time to workout really.  Still my goal the next few days is to end the week strong.  Tomorrow is always another day and for some things you do get a do-over.