Monday, June 20, 2011

New Week, New Start

The great thing about trying to lose weight, get healthy, get fitter is that every day can be a do over.  If you screw up tomorrow IS a new day and it's fine to start over.  You can start over as many times as you need (goddess knows I have to start over many, many times).  So last week I flopped, this week I'm ready to rock.  I'm doing a  beginning strength program from Today's workout will consist of bench press, twisting sit-ups, dips, lateral raises, chest flys, reverse crunch, extensions, abdominal curls, triceps pushdown, shoulder press, side crunch.  To top it all off, I'll do 30 minutes on the Gazelle.  Sounds like an awesome work out, huh.
Today's food is Nature's Path Flax Plus cereal for breakfast (which isn't too bad) and coffee. Tuna salad sandwiches (whole wheat bread) for lunch,  Pears for snack, Grilled steaks, potatoes and carrots for dinner.
So here's to hopefully having a great Monday and a wonderful week.