Monday, October 24, 2011

Losing Weight Leads to Lots of Feel Good Moments

Saturday night Hubby wraps his arms around me and mentions my waist is getting smaller. Sunday afternoon I'm changing clothes after church and put on a pair of jeans that just two-three weeks ago I couldn't pull up over my hips.
Even with the small amount of weight I've lost, I'm noticing big changes. These changes make my self-confidence soar and encourage me to keep up the hard work. 4 hours a week working out? No problem, could probably do another couple hours. It's also like buying a new wardrobe without spending a dime. I have several pairs of jeans, shirts, and sweaters hanging in my closet that are just a half a size to a whole size too small. Or maybe they were just a little too snug and I wasn't comfortable with the fit. Now, I'll try them on and WOW I can wear them. A few I'm getting there but not quite.
I think I'll be flying high all week because of my gains (losses).