Friday, October 21, 2011

Weekly Weigh-in

    Yep, I know it's been almost a month since my last weigh-in post.  I've had a very busy month and time has gotten so far away I've given up on trying to catch it again.  It's also been a pretty good month.  Here is my updated stats:
Weight: 171.8, down 3.2 pounds (down 6.2 pounds since August 17th, woohoo!)
Chest: down 0.5 inches
Neck: up 1 inch
Shoulders: down 1.2 inches
Biceps: down 0.3 inches
Forearms: no change
Waist: down 1.5 inches (loved seeing this, this morning)
Hips: up 0.5 inches
Thighs: down 0.4 inches
Calves: down 0.2 inches

    For a total loss of  2.6 inches in the past month.  If I had up all my inches lost I come up with 8.1 inches lost since August 17.  Now sometimes I gain an half an inch or my measurements may be wrong due to human error (which is what I think happens when I measure my neck...I think I'll start having Hubby do that one).  Still that's probably pretty close to correct and very awesome.  I think it's just about time for more progress pictures.  I know there's a difference now, I wasn't too sure last time.
    Today's plan of attack is around 8am to go and make two laps up and down the street.  It should equal close to 3 miles.  I have one week and one day before the next 5k.  I'm still trying to get donations so if you would like to give a little please click HERE .  I have 8 days left to try and make my goal and thank you ahead of time.  Also I plan on doing some body weight work outs and maybe a video if I have time.  I want to make sure to get my run in, everything else will be done if I get it to it.  With only 8 days left till the run I want to make each day count and plan on running at least a short distance (1 to 3 miles) each day.  Wish me luck and I will try to get on here to post more often.  Holidays are coming and I want to be trying some healthier versions of our favorite dishes.  I'll share what works with my dear readers.

Have a Great Weekend!!